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My name is Guillaume (but my non french-speaking friends simply call me G.), I am 33 years old and I am a French-man living in Maastricht, in the south of the Netherlands. I am passionate for quite some years now about travel, and especially everything related to aviation. I had the chance since 2008 to travel the world quite extensively, mostly for work, and it slowly became an
addiction. Back in 2015, I changed my job and I am now more « settled »… maybe too much, so I decided to live one of my dreams : Take a sabbatical leave, and do a « round-the-world » trip, for 6 months, with the particularity to travel most of the time in premium cabins (business or first class) and sometimes with « unconventional » means of transportation… which I will report on this blog.

Since I am « just » a millionaire in frequent flyer miles and hotel points (but not in money, I checked again today for that part J), I also used some strategies to maximize the use of this virtual treasure and will explain some of my tips on this blog also.

6 months might seem at first sight a long time off-work, but with so many nice places to visit  in the world, it appears it is not that much (but still the maximum amount of time off-work my company would allow me to take !). I therefore spent count-less number of hours to plan and optimize my trip. So another aspect of my blog will be to discuss on how to spend a limited amount of time in each places. And who knows, maybe some of those destinations will be the subject of a future vacation plans and will maybe give you some wishes to travel there !

Since I also enjoy photography, and I am currently learning some basics of video-edition and « vlogging », I will post once in a while some videos on this website and on my youtube channel.

Likewise, I will post on a regular basis some articles about the different experiences I will enjoy during this trip ! So stay posted, and all your comments will be welcomed ! 

Finally, I am still learning about website creation so if you see some bugs on the website, please report those to me J

A few links...

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WordPress for the creation of this website and the great YouTube tutorial from tyler.com which helped me creating this website

Korleon-biz : The hosting company I am using for this website (which by chance also belongs to my cousin :-))

Pixabay for images free-to-use and Logomakr for logo creation

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