POST 13 – February 6th 2019 – About the blog

The reason I am not updating this website as frequently as I would like to…

If you are following this website on a regular basis, you certainly noticed that I am not updating it very frequently those days… For the few ones « worrying » about it : NO, I am not dead, sick or declared missing by the authorities. I am just enjoying my time abroad, and I am spending some quality time with the new « friends » I have been making almost every day for the last few months in Asia, Australia and New Zealand !(The picture above was actually taken by a friend I made while travelling in the South Island !)

Between the bookings of the future flights, accomodations, and activities (my sabbatical leave is ending in a little less than 3 months, so I still have plenty of things to organize), visiting the places I am in, socializing with the locals or fellow travellers, sorting out the gazillion pictures, drone movies etc… I am taking during my visits, I have to say that my days are quite busy. Ahhhhhh… the holidays… not very restful, but very eventful ! And that’s what I enjoy ! J

Most of the days, I eventually manage to get a decent night rest, but not always ! Since I have all the rest of my (hopefully long) life to publish updates of this website and my flyertalk thread, for which I want to create quality content (text, pictures and videos), I have decided about a month ago to enjoy the moment and focus on the blog whenever I have some spare time. I am sure you will understand ! In the meantime, my facebook and instagram pages are updated daily…


Since I will be on a cruise ship in the south pacific for 9 days at the end of February, I am planning to use this time to write so please stay tuned !…

Happy travels !

Guillaume (a.k.a William, Will, G., Guillermo… depending on the audience J)

Below are a some pictures i have been taking with some of my travel friends I have been visiting the world with… (or pieces of it at least !). Those people made this journey so much more enjoyable !

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